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  Parents: Heather Correia and Ciro Edgar Goncalues Correia
  Gender of Baby: Boy (Dylan Connor Amandio Correia)
  Born: March 3, 2005
  Length: 50 cm
  Weight: 3300 g
Mother   Father
- Nationality -
UK   South Africa
My cute baby boy,
You're the precious gift, the Lord is giving to us.
We will always support you in the future.
Try your best and always be healthy to grow...

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Name:Alistair & Mione Relationship:Other Relative
City:Darlington Country: U.K.

Hello, Bonny Lad.
>From your pictures it would seem your eating everything that Mummy
provides. Oh by the way, the pink things are your fingers.
Lots of love. XXX


Name:Doug Trembley Relationship:Friend
City:Chupei Country:Taiwan, R.O.C

Hi Little Guy!
Great to see you growing and doing well. One year old!
Hope your all well down there in Taichung.

Name:Ian Relationship:Brother
City:Pretoria Country:South Africa

Way cute Odd!!!!
My smiling Nephew

Name:Karabo Relationship:Friend
City:Joburg/Rustenburg Country:South Africa

Hey kid, You're almost as cute as i am! (just playing!) Love what you've
done with your hair though...

Name:Furn Relationship:Friend
City:Kuala Lumpur Country:Malaysia
Hi,baby's parents,I saw your homepage through babyhome's homepage.Nice to know about you.This is my baby homepage
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