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  Parents: Nara Pristiwa and Ramzi Adriman
  Gender of Baby: Boy (Daanish Ahsan)
  Born: May 4, 2010
  Length: 51 cm
  Weight: 3150 g
Mother   Father
- Nationality -
Indonesia   Indonesia

My cute baby boy,
We will love you and cherish you.
We will always support you in the future.
Try your best and always be healthy to grow;
my precious little angel!

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Chinese Version
Name:Yeni Relationship:Aunt
City:Banda aCeh Country:Indonesia
Gemes bgd.
Name:Jilee Relationship:Aunt
City:Banda aceh Country:Indonesia
Adk daniis lucu x. .
Name:Fahdi Relationship:Uncle
City:Banda aceh Country:Indonesia
Cpat gdek danis yha ? :-)
Name:Zuluy Relationship:Friend
City:Banda aceh Country:Indonesia
Ganteng bgd. .
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