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  Parents: Gina Deng and Leonidas Flavien Fereol
  Gender of Baby: Boy (Falundo Harfe Fereol)
  Born: July 29, 2010
  Length: 54 cm
  Weight: 3820 g
Mother   Father
- Nationality -
Taiwan   France

My cute baby boy,
We will love you and cherish you.
We will always support you in the future.
Try your best and always be healthy to grow;
my precious little angel!

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Chinese Version
Name:Goussard Claudine Relationship:Friend
City:Baie Mahault Country:FRANCE Guadeloupe
Dear Gina, What a news, a baby boy! so big and so healthy, he seems hungry on the video! Bravo, bravissimo to you and Leo. Hope we will see him with you in Guadeloupe soon. How many quilts did you make for him with nice "tissus", remember???
lots of love from Claudine and François
Name:Manny & Ellie Palada Relationship:Friend
City:Gainesville, Florida Country:USA
Hi Gina and Leo,
Congratulations to both of you for the arrival of Falundo. He looks like Leo but the eyes of Gina. We wish you all the best in caring for Falundo as he grows and learns more about love to both you as parents. God bless, Manny Palada
Name:Greg and Iin Luther Relationship:Friend
City:Shanhua Country:Taiwan
Hi Gina and Leo,
Big congratulation to both of you and Falundo!! We're very happy to learn of your new addition. You're in for a very exciting and rewarding (and yes, sometimes frustrating :-() adventure. Jia-yo!
Best wishes,
Iin and Greg
Name:Leo Relationship:Dad
City:Lamentin Country:Martinique
Our dear Falundo,
We wish you so much graceful in this world you newly live. We try to do what we can do for help.

Notre cher petit bonhomme,
Nous te souhaitons beaucoup de grace dans ce monde ou tu es arrive recemment. Nous essayerons de faire de notre mieux pour t'aider.
Name:Yvonna Teng Relationship:Sister
City:USA Country
So cute, and going to see he soon. So happy lar.
Name:Daisy Deng Relationship:Sister
City:Shanghai Country:China
My little cousin, so cute!
He just drag my memeory back of my son at this old, very sweet :)
Leo and Gina, hope you will visit SH soon.
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