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  Parents: Rayne Soret MacLeod and Kevin James MacLeod
  Gender of Baby: Girl (Olivia Morgan MacLeod)
  Born: March 10, 2004
  Length: 50 cm
  Weight: 3700 g
Mother   Father
- Nationality -
USA   Canada
Welcome Olivia Morgan MacLeod!
Olivia was born at 8:55am in Taichung, Taiwan.
Olivia is healthy, happy and wonderful.
Her Dad, Mum and big sister, Kathryn
are so excited she is finally here!

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Chinese Version
Name:sandy Relationship:Friend 
City:Taichung CountryTaiwan, R.O.C
little sistah!!!!
i knew you were perfect when ryan and i met you on yr birthday! do you remember all the songs and dances kathryn did for you that day? we all stared at you in rapturous joy joy joy while you snuggled in yr mama-angel's arms! and when you stirred kathryn screamed (in a good way!)
Name:Henry Bai Relationship:Uncle
City:Changhua CountryTaiwan, R.O.C
Can Charlie and Hank make friends with you?
Name:Jacques Soret Relationship:Other Relative  
City:New Hope, Pennsylvania CountryU.S.A.
You are lighting up the world with your love,
Love your Great uncle jacq
NameAmy, Mac, Emily and Martha RelationshipFriend
City:Bonshaw CountryCanada
Welcome, Olivia! We wish you all the best and can't wait to meet you.

Love, All of us
Name:Kathleen and Larry Relationship:Friend
City:Troy CountryCanada
Happy Belated Birthday, Olivia! May your second year be full of wonderful discoveries and limited use of the word "No!"
Name:Doug & Dee Relationship:Cousin
City:Summerside PEI CountryCanada
Happy birthday from your cousin back on PEI the land of your Dad's roots

Love ya Doug & Dee.
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