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  Parents: Linda Hsiao and Alain Robert Badaro
  Gender of Baby: Girl (Vincenza Badaro)
  Born: October 5, 2005
  Length: 51 cm
  Weight: 3100 g
Mother   Father
- Nationality -
Taiwan   Canada
My cute baby girl,
We will love you and cherish you.
We will always support you in the future.
Try your best and always be healthy to grow;
my precious little angel!
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Date Modified: 09/05/2011

Name:Linda Relationship:Mom 
City:Taichung Country:Taiwan, R.O.C
Vincenza, my lovely girl!
Because of you, I realize how wonderful this world can be.
Because of you, I understand how much dad loves me.
Because of you, we have a sweet family.
NameKevin Relationship:Uncle
City:    Country:Taiwan, R.O.C
Hi! Vincenza.
You are so cute and pretty.
Name:Linda Relationship:Mom 
City:Taichung Country:Taiwan, R.O.C
Dear Vincenza:
So happy to see that you are growing up day by day.
So happy to see that you always smile to everyone arounds you.
So happy to have you with us.
NameAlain Robert Badaro Relationship:Dad
City:Montreal Country:Canada
Hello, little one:
You stay with grandparents most of the time,
hope you will come back to me soon.
Thank you for bringing me the birthday cake, I love you.
Name:youri Relationship:Friend
City:Danville Country:Canada
Beautiful child you both have I wish one day you can come over to our place in the summer.
NameAlan-Robert Badaro Relationship:Dad
City:Yuen-Lin Country:Taiwan
Just a quick note. Although I am a Canadian citizen due to birth, my actual ancestry is made up of various nationalities: Sicilian (mother's side), Greek, and Portuguese (father's side) being the predominant ones, and Egyptian due to the fact that my great, great, great, great grand-parents had settled there after arriving from Sicily.
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