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  Parents: Vicky Chen and Glenn James Knyeland
  Gender of Baby: Girl (Sylvie Knyeland)
  Born: November 22, 2007
  Length: 54 cm
  Weight: 3800 g
Mother   Father
- Nationality -
Taiwan   Canada
My cute baby girl,
You're the precious gift, the Lord has given to us.
We will love you and cherish you.
We will always support you in the future,
no matter what you do.
Try your best and always be healthy to grow;
my precious little angel!
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Date Modified:12/03/2007

Name:Ron Bouwmeester Relationship:Other Relative
City:London Country:Canada

Congratulations guys, she's already smiling! I'm very happy for both of you and I'm also happy to be an uncle again! Take care and we'll talk to you soon.

Name:Michael Brophy Relationship:Friend
City:London Country:Canada

Congratulations to the two of you.
She is a beauty.


Name:Carl and Trixie Jenner Relationship:Aunt
City:Chatham Country:Canada

congratulation Glenn and Vicky. She looks like a precious gem. All the best to all of you from Florida. Carl and Trixie

Name:Julie Relationship:Friend
City:Williamsburg Country:USA

Congratulations from Julie and Brett. What a beautiful baby girl... our best wishes for a happy and healthy future!

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