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  Parents: Heather Correia and Ciro Edgar Goncalues Correia
  Gender of Baby: Girl (Maya Indigo Maureen Correia)
  Born: January 18, 2008
  Length: 51 cm
  Weight: 3350 g
Mother   Father
- Nationality -
UK   South Africa
God has given us this most wonderful gift.
We have posted this picture,
in hopes you would share our joy and happiness.
Special thanks to all of our friends
who have been so good to us.
We will likely see you all very soon.
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Date Modified:03/02/2008

Name:Angela Flynn Relationship:Classmate
City:Neath Country:U.K.

Congratulations Heather!! Welcome into the world baby Maya..

Name:Hogie, Karen and Josie Relationship:Friend
City:Hautan Country:Taiwan
Hey you 3! Congrats to you all!
you must all be very happy! Maya is a very cute baby! well done mom and dad! way to go! Too bad about Dylan tho! poor guy! hope you are all better now, and since we know where you are we will be up to visit soon! take care!
Name:Alistair & Mione Relationship:Uncle
City:Newton Ayclffe Country:U.K.
Heather, Ciro & Dylan,
What a lovely daughter/sister you have, you must be very proud. I will print off some pictures and take them down for Granny on Thursday.
Take good care of yourselves.
Lots of love. XX
Name:karen Relationship:Friend
City:Auckland Country:nz
congrats on your lovely daughter, hope she brings you loads of joy and fun and laugthter. love to the four of you
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