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  Parents: Sukying Cheung and Mark Chan
  Gender of Baby: Girl (Lila Eia Kohira Liao Chan)
  Born: October 25, 2008 - 08:39 (GMT +08:00) Taiwan
  Length: 50 cm (19¾ inches)
  Weight: 3250 g (7 pounds 4 ounces)
To our beautiful little angel,
You are the most precious gift
that our Heavenly Father has given to us.
We will always love you and cherish you with all of our hearts.
We will support you, no matter what you do.
We will be there for you, no matter where you are.
You will always be our beautiful little angel...
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Date Modified:11/01/2008

Name:Mark Chan Relationship:Daddy
City:Taichung Country:Taiwan

After being with Sienna for almost two years now, I thought maybe I'm not capable of loving "someone" as much as I love my first baby... But the minute I held you in my arms and looked into your eyes, I remembered all the wonderful memories that was shared on that day when your sister was born. You will always have a special place in my heart!
I will love you always... your Daddy.

Name:Sukying Cheung Relationship:Mommy
City:Taichung Country:Taiwan
I would like to thank everybody at Jen-Ai Hospital for the safe delivery of our second little girl and all I can say is that we have been blessed once again! Like her older sister, Sienna, we will always treasure her, as my two daughters are indeed wonderful gifts from God. Only I know how much I need to cherish the love and happiness, which has been given to me. I will love you always... your Mummy.
Name:詹廖明義 總顧問 Relationship:Grandpa
City:Taichung Country:Taiwan
(via red envelope)
Name:Gloria Kohira de Chan Relationship:Grandma
City:Taichung Country:Taiwan
Am I enchanted? You bet!
Thank you for giving me such joy for the third time
in three consecutive years.
Little bundle of marvel - the same as your elder sister Mia.
You have my best wishes... Granny, Gloria
Name:Gwendolynn Chan Relationship:Aunt
City:Los Angeles, CA Country:U.S.A.

Congratulations on your new arrival, Mark and Suk!
Lila is a doll, just like her big sister Sienna
She is beautiful! Look at her dainty hands - so cute!
I am anxiously anticipating the day Isaac and I can
see you all, hopefully soon.
I am so proud to be your aunt, Lila!
"Whatever Lila wants, Lila gets…"
Oops – I guess that was Lola, huh? LOL.
Give Lila a small peck on the forehead for me and Isaac!
Sending you lots of love and good wishes, Auntie Gwen

Name:Daniel Chan Relationship:Uncle
City:Rochester, MN Country:U.S.A.
dear hermano & suk,
congratulations on being a daddy and mummy to
another beautiful baby!! thank you for your e-mail and
the link to the baby web. Lila is adorable! : )
it must be hard for you, working and taking care of mia
while suk gets her rest, but at the same time it must be
an amazing feeling to have another bundle of joy
in your arms. : ) send our love and kisses to both
Mia and Lila and we hope to see them in the near future.
With lots of love, Uncle D and Aunt Sayaka : )
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