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Jen-Ai Hospital: Tali "Little Prince & Little Princess" Competition 2003


  Jen-Ai Hospital: Tali held their first "Little Prince & Little Princess" competition on the Internet through their bilingual website ( The competition was fierce and there was a lot of support from the Internet users. The Prince (Wei-hsiang Hsu) and Princess (Chian-hui Cheng) were selected on March 13th 2004. Also, a Canadian infant was selected as the "Little Ambassador". Jen-Ai Hospital: Tali held a grand coronation for the new Prince, Princess and the Little Ambassador. Their cute looks were as popular as the candidates in a beauty contest.

  Since the introduction of the Baby Web Nursery by Jen-Ai Hospital: Tali last year, it has won immerse praise from the public. The website provides complimentary online photos of newly born infants with words from their parents so that relatives around the world can see the infants and share the joy of the newborn via the Internet. To select the most popular infant, Jen-Ai Hospital: Tali held the first "Little Prince & Little Princess" competition on the Internet. All infants on the Baby Web Nursery qualified as candidates.

  As the infants were very cute, the competition attracted a lot of enthusiastic response through the Internet. In two months, hundreds of people from all over Taiwan, some even in other countries (the U.S., Canada, England, Australia, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Philippines) voted. One rule was made very clear, one vote per person; thus, the competition became very intense. At the end of the competition, Wei-hsiang Hsu was voted the Prince among 137 candidates who participated, and Chian-hui Cheng was voted the Princess. Kye Waldron (half Taiwanese and half Canadian) was voted the Little Ambassador from voters of seven countries. During the coronation, hospital superintendent Ming-Yi Chan-Liao crowned the Little Prince and Princess, and presented the Jen-Ai Passport to the Little Ambassador. Superintendent Chan-Liao wished every infant good health and the Baby Web Nursery to grow and provide more services to more parents and infants.

  Jen-Ai Hospital: Tali invited all members of the Baby Web Nursery to the hospital for games and activities. Parents and infants had to complete puzzles together; fathers had to help their infants put on their diapers. The whole morning was filled with laughter. The hospital also held their monthly flea market, and donated all the proceeds to the Jen-Ai Foundation to help low-income families and minority groups. Other activities included: JAH Infertility Lab Q&A, complimentary ultrasound check-ups, vaccines for children, an International food fair kindly organized by the ladies from IWAT. The sponsors included IWAT, Johnson & Johnson, Discovery Cordblood Bank, BioNet Corp., and McDonald's GuoGuang branch.

  Jen-Ai Hospital: Tali: The Baby Web Nursery will provide more information, services and functions in the future, news images, and improve the video equipment. Music in the form of lullabies for infants will also be developed on CD. There will also be a virtual tour of the VIP wards and the delivery center, digital photo display, and a website for children. The hospital will work together with manufacturers of infant supplies, other hospitals, and medical centers to provide more and better services.


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Date Modified:05/14/2004
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